NI-Colloquium with Prof. Kevin Reuter

19.01.2022 18:00

Am 19.01.2022 hält Prof. Kevin Reuter auf Einladung der Forschungsgruppe Neuroinformatics einen Hybrid Talk zum Thema "Empirical Studies on Truth and the Project of Re-engineering Truth". Die Fakultät für Informatik lädt alle Interessierten herzlich dazu ein!

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Confusions about what truth is have surged in political and everyday discourse. In order to resolve these confusions, we argue that we need a more accurate picture of how the term ‘true’ is in fact used. Our experimental studies reveal that the use of ‘true’ shows substantial variance within the empirical domain, indicating that ‘true’ is ambiguous between a correspondence and a coherence reading. We then explore the consequences of these results for the project of re-engineering truth.


NI-Talk mit Prof. Kevin Reuter
Wann: 19.1.2021, 18:00
Wo: Seminarraum 10 (SR10) | Kolingasse 14-16, 1090 Wien

Meeting ID: 696 3188 5242,  Passcode: 963015  


Fakultät für Informatik


Seminarraum 10 (SR10) Kolingasse

Kolingasse 14-16
1090 Wien