Open Thesis Topics

Our research group is putting together a team to compete in the Cybathlon 2020 in Zurich. The Cybathlon is a competition in which people with physical disabilities compete against each other to complete everyday tasks using state-of-the-art technical assistance systems. Our team will participate in the Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) race. In this race, severely paralyzed patients control an avatar in a video game by pure mind-control. Putting together a competitive BCI system requires the seamless integration of a variety of software tools to

  • detect and attenuate non-cortical artifacts in the recorded brain imaging data
  • extract features from the high-dimensional brain imaging signal that carry information about the pilot's intentions
  • traing a machine learning pipeline that detects the pilot's intention
  • provide informative feedback to the pilot on how to improve her performance.

A variety of Bachelor- and Master theses are available within the scope of this project.Our group has extensive experience in all aspects of BCI and participated very successfully in the last Cybathlon in 2016. Participating in a Cybathlon team is a fantastic group experience, through which you can learn how to apply signal processing and machine learning to real-world problems, advance the state-of-the-art in neurotechnology, and have a lot of fun along the way. If you are interested in being part of this experience, please contact