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Understanding the brain means to solve the problem how neural activity gives rise to cognition. This is a causal question that can not be sufficiently answered by correlational methods only. The research group Neuroinformatics develops statistical models and machine learning methods that infer causal relations from purely observational data. We then use these methods to study how neural processes, e.g., as observed by calcium imaging, EEG, ECoG, or fMRI, generate cognition and behavior.

An important aspect of our work is the translation of our insights into clinical applications, e.g., by designing brain-computer interfaces that assist paralyzed patients in communication, or by developing personalized brain stimulation protocols in the context of stroke rehabilitation.


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13.01.2022 11:03

3rd Brain-Computer Interface Un-Conference (BCI-UC)

We cordially invite you to the 3rd Brain-Computer Interface Un-Conference (BCI-UC)!

22.07.2021 16:00

NI-Colloquium with Prof. Dirk Bernhardt-Walther

Am 22.07.2021 hält Prof. Dirk Bernhardt-Walther auf Einladung der Forschungsgruppe Neuroinformatics einen Hybrid Talk zum Thema "Aesthetic and...

04.02.2021 11:20

2nd Brain-Computer Interface Un-Conference (BCI-UC)

We cordially invite you to the 2nd Brain-Computer Interface Un-Conference (BCI-UC)!


JOIN PRNI 2020 - the virtual Summerschool for Pattern Recognition in Neuroimaging

PRNI 2020 is a one-week virtual summer school aimed at training students and early-stage researchers in theoretical and practical aspects of using...

23.07.2020 15:00

1st Brain-Computer Interface Un-Conference (BCI-UC)

We cordially invite you to the 1st Brain-Computer Interface Un-Conference (BCI-UC)!


Open Doctoral Position

We have an open doctoral position at the intersection of machine learning and computational neuroscience as part of the Zebrafish Neuroscience...